MVC is dead! Long live Flux! Er… I mean Redux!

The horror of horrors! I am that ancient in the land of software development? I have been messing around with React and realized that Model View Controller (MVC) isn’t a thing anymore.

The evidence starts stacking up…

People are starting to talk about moving on from MVC to “the new black”.

Alas, some voice of reason still remains:

MVC and other patterns couldn’t necessarily be outdated in my opinion as they are fundamental patterns in computer science, not a construct of the programming language or environment.

Alas Flux is the way

Except it isn’t

Quoted from the Flux website:

The Flux project is in maintenance mode and there are many more sophisticated alternatives available (e.g. Redux, MobX) and we would recommend using them instead.

Yep time to Git Gud and Redux

I cannot find any mention of MVC in their documentation and tutorials. I guess this is it. MVC is dead! Long live Redux!

p.s. All that said and done, here’s some content to balance the scales:

TLDR: Redux is great, but you can start off without it and naturally slip into it when the time comes.